Finding Affordable College Textbooks


Many students are unaware of the hidden costs that come with pursuing higher education. Paying for college textbooks can be a financial burden for students already struggling to meet tuition hikes and cover living expenses. Finding affordable college textbooks can be a difficult task especially when the campus bookstores carry items at the highest retail price. In order to mitigate the stress of paying for college, students should be aware of the several options that exist to save money on books each year.

Although the campus bookstore may not provide discounted prices, independent bookstores may exist nearby which provide the books required for each class at a cheaper price. These stores also typically carry more used books, which can lower the cost of purchases even further.

Another option for students that are interested in saving money each year is to order their college textbooks online. Online marketplaces connect students with sellers offering books at the lowest possible prices. Students should be wary of inflated shipping costs, but ultimately the this method saves students money who are willing to wait for their purchases to arrive.

Oftentimes students need not look further than their own college library to avoid paying high prices for textbooks. Usually the library has a copy of the most commonly used textbooks on reserve. Here students can simply rent the book for free for a few hours each day to study or do homework. While one might not want to rely solely on the reserve copy during finals week, for casual use the library provides a convenient and free way around buying overpriced textbooks.

Textbooks are supposed to be a tool used to achieve academic success, however many college students suffer unnecessary stress and frustration because of the financial hurdle these materials present. Fortunately there are resources that enable students to bypass high prices and gain access to textbooks at affordable rates. Off campus bookstores, internet marketplaces, and college libraries each provide a dependable alternative to paying expensive prices for college textbooks.





Create Your Own Apps


Many of our students today have technology at their fingertips. They own mobile devices such as smartphones, iPods or tablets that they carry around with them everyday that educators can leverage and use to their advantage. Many educators, myself included, find it useful to develop and create educational apps our students can access in a matter of seconds and stayed informed and to learn from.
Websites are available that allow educators to develop simple mobile learning apps without having to learn programming code. A simple app can easily be developed by selecting a template and adding information or files (documents, audio recordings, music, movies, videos, photos, HTML) to its pages. Educators who have the learning materials, schedule, agenda, and resources posted to their course website or blog have successfully designed mobile apps around their already existing websites or blogs. In this way, to they have created a seamless and comprehensive learning experience for their students.

There are many websites where you can build your apps absolutely free! They will allow you to develop simple mobile apps for the Android, the Blackberry, the Galaxy, and Apple devices such as the I Pad and the I Phone. Beginners can develop their own app in less then two hours and publish them for your students to use. Savvy educators have also published and sold their learning apps on the Android and Apple markets. The apps you create for Apple devices are approved by Apple for approval, and you must register as a Apple developer and pay a fee of $99 per year to do this successfully.

Educators have also assigned their students the task of developing their own learning apps as a project that demonstrates the application of content area knowledge and the mastery and use o technology skills and tools. This type of project has often been offered as a collaborative group project to high school and college students. The development apps simulates a real world and allows students to plan, design, test, advertise, and market their apps. The skills they learn prepares them for app development and business careers in the future.





Why Move Your Family to the Suburbs?


Although cities are well known for being bustling centers for arts and commerce, there are a number of reasons why families should consider moving to the suburbs. While there are many amenities which are available in larger cities, suburbs offer a multitude of benefits for young children, as well as adults who wish to make the move to a smaller location. This article will address a few of the many reasons why one should consider moving his or her family to the suburbs.

Although there is usually no shortage of fun activities available to families in the city, most suburbs have active youth clubs, as well as organized sports that are sure to keep any child happily engaged. There are also neighborhood activities and well maintained local parks that are available for children and adults alike.

As a young family grows and expands, so too must their dwelling. While a small apartment may be ample enough space for a family of three, living in a two bedroom high rise may be impractical for a family of four or five. Usually, finding a spacious townhouse or property is difficult when confined to an urban area. Prices are always higher in places where space is tight. Purchasing a home in the suburbs is not only practical, but it makes sense financially as well. The price of land is cheaper in the suburbs, therefore, a family may get “more bang for their buck” when purchasing a home outside of a major metropolitan city. This means that one’s children will have ample space to play in, as well as the possibility of a backyard to enjoy summer cookouts among other activities.

Another great reason to consider making the move to the suburbs, is the fact that school opportunities for a child in the suburb may be better. Many schools located in the suburbs boast smaller class sizes, which means more individualized attention and increased academic performance. Many smaller schools also possess a greater sense of community and inclusiveness, which enables young children to navigate their academic years with more confidence and ease.

Although making a major move is always stressful, moving one’s family to the suburbs is a wonderful decision. Not only will one’s children benefit from better air quality, educational opportunities and ample space, but moving to the suburbs will likely improve the cohesiveness and relationships among members of the family as well.





What Are The Essential Knowledge Women Should Know About Birth Control?

birth control

Birth control is an approach to prevent pregnancy while engaging in sexual activity. Of course the only way to surely and 100% prevent pregnancy is to not have sex at all. For someone this is not an option, so they should be aware of the option of birth control available and determine the option that best suits her needs.

For every option there are some benefits and some draw backs. Physicians and especially gynecologists can offer there expertise on the topic and help decide the best option based on medical history, health conditions, and medical knowledge. It is best to discuss this topic with the primary physician or gynecologist because medical history will play a role in the method of birth control that works best. Details like smoking, high blood pressure, migraines, blood clots in the legs or lungs, breast cancer, possibility of having a sexually transmitted disease, or diabetes can impact the choices available.

Some common types of birth control are those that intercept hormones to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills, skin patches, implants, vaginal ring, and shots like Depo-Provera are some options. IUDs are also an option. The IUD can be copper or hormonal.

If hormonal options are not an option, there are barriers like condoms, sponges, and diaphragms. These options are a little less effective than hormonal options. To improve effectiveness, barrier methods must be worn correctly and worn during sex every time.

In order for these hormonal options to work, the method must be used as instructed by the physician. For instance, remembering to take the medication or remembering to schedule appointments for shots are all details to consider when choosing the best form of birth control.

Some women opt for the natural family planning and choose not interfere with hormones or use barriers. With this method, careful records are maintained to determine the woman’s most fertile state. At those fertile moments, she must abstain from sexual intercourse. This may not be a viable option for women who have decided the do not want any children in the near future.

Women should also keep in mind whether or not they want children or could want children in the future because some forms of birth control are much more effective than others. All of these details can be discussed with a trusted physician to ensure that most suitable option is chosen.





Experience of Studying Abroad


Depending on you course of study, studying abroad could be one of the most important experiences for a college student. Studying abroad allows students to learn things that cannot be taught in class such as interacting with different cultures or viewing the way of life for people in a totally different environment. Studying abroad is growing in importance in education and is recommended by many professors and universities.

For instance, for a student pursing a major in international business, studying abroad is a vital part of his or her education. It allows him or her to interact with not only people, cultures, or language but also different currencies and economies. As the world becomes more globalized and businesses continue to expand across borders, companies will look for future employees who have lived abroad and interacted with different people or cultures. Studying abroad could be vital for those hoping to work with multinational companies.

Another great benefit of studying abroad is immersing oneself in language. Studies conducted by language experts, show that traveling or living in a location that forces you to use and/or learn a completely different language is a much more proven way of learning a language than sitting and learning a new language in a classroom. You tend to pickup more words and store them in memory if you have to use them on a day to day basis. In a foreign country, this makes going shopping or dining in a restaurant a language learning experience. For example, using French in France is great practice when it comes to speaking with or understanding native speakers. Studying abroad can make language learning fun and a little more natural.

If you enjoy sight seeing or taking tours in unique environments, studying abroad offers awesome experiences. Depending on the country, students can have the chance to tour the Great Wall of China, tour historical European castles, go on safaris in Africa, sunbathe on the beaches of Brazil, and many more adventures.

Overall, studying abroad has a ton to offer. The benefits are endless it can also be a great addition to a resume. Studying abroad is increasingly becoming a must in terms of an educational experience. Furthermore, it allows students to form friendships with people across the world, which can be life changing.





The Essentials of Computer Tech Classes


The Fundamental Skills of IT

In the IT field, there are certain classes that you will take to benefit your knowledge of computers and make you more capable of interacting with technology in the fast paced business world.

Office Software Applications
There are three programs that every tech savvy person should know to be competent in the modern office. Microsoft Word is a word processor that you will probably be using a lot. It is good to know how to properly format a document, edit text, and convey ideas with this software.

PowerPoint is another application that people especially in office environments use a lot. PowerPoint skills should be practiced with public speaking as the two go hand in hand. Excel spreadsheets are an excellent way to keep track of calculations and expenses. To take full advantage of Excel, learn the mathematical functions to create flawless calculations, no matter how many variables.

Software Programming
More advanced and specialized than simply operating office applications, programing classes teach students how to use code like Basic or Java to make custom programs to run on computers and other devices. These classes can be both challenging as they teach you to think and talk to computers, but also rewarding because the student will walk away with an ability to understand and control computers on a deeper level.

Web Programming
Rather than application development, these classes teach students how to broadcast websites to the world, modify the appearance of the websites, and upload content in a useful and attractive way. Essential skills in this area are operating and controlling files on a server, operating a WordPress or Joomla platform, and search engine optimization.

Advanced Topics
Project management is a blend of IT and management that is vital to any endeavor. IT focused project management classes teach students how to drive a project forward is specifically it related terms, like allocating workloads of thousands of lines of code to employees in a way that they can actually accomplish. The essential skills taught here are planning, management, and leadership.

Cyber-Security and intrusion response are the skills of protecting files and systems from hackers and computer viruses, and doing damage control on computer systems that have already been compromised. This is an important and high paying IT position, but it requires an impeccable understanding of computer systems. People who are vigilant, and can understand and switch between different types of code and different platforms will obtain cyber-security skills easily.





Educating Your Children About A Healthy Diet


Teaching your kids about a healthy diet at a young age can mean immeasurable benefits throughout their childhood and into adolescence and adulthood. Children who eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, enjoy lean meats, and know the difference between low fat and full fat dairy products are much more likely to make good choices, even when parents aren’t around. It can be difficult to get children to eat a variety of foods. Many of them only like certain thing, but even with picky eaters, it is still possible to get them to eat healthier. Most kids like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Try using whole wheat bread rather than white. Children don’t usually like to hear the word “healthy,” so try explaining that foods like these give them more energy, so they can play longer.

One benefit of healthy eating is that you feel better and have more energy. Tell your children that fruit is a power snack. Low fat foods mean that they won’t be as weighed down while they are at their soccer game, and drinking water will keep them from feeling tired. Water is nature’s energy drink. As children get older, they will understand that you are trying to keep them healthy. The concept of nutrition can be hard for even preteens to understand, but by this point they may be used to eating the healthy things, they won’t think much about it. It is important to teach children that food can be delicious without containing lots of needless calories and fat. Sweet things like cookies should be an occasional treat, not an every day necessity.

Children should understand that cake should be for celebrations like birthday parties, not for everyday meals. Exercise should also be readily encouraged with children. Play basketball. Go swimming. Take the kids camping. These activities are not only fun, but they keep children active. Video games, movies, and computers certainly have their place in a child’s life. It is the 21st century after all, but don’t let your kids miss out on all the outdoor activities they can enjoy. Obesity is a growing epidemic among today’s youth, but so it anorexia. Children need to understand that eating things that taste good is not wrong. It just has to be done in moderation. Learning to have a healthy relationship with food will keep your kids healthy and happy throughout their lives. Living a healthy lifestyle at a young age will free your children from all the anxiety many people experience when it comes to their relationship with food.